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Vasense Group

actionable Intel

We provide a full suite of intelligence services to businesses, law firms and high net worth individuals. Whether in the midst of intense litigation or in need of professionals to fend off multi-national corporate espionage, people rely on Vasense when the stakes are high.

areas of practice

covert surveillance 


As businesses increasingly rely on surveillance of their competitors in order to anticipate changes to the competitive landscape, Vasense stands ready to provide the operatives.



Vasense specializes in analyzing complex business to identify the source of leaks to the media or their competitors at home or abroad. We find moles and stop leaks quickly.

bug sweeping/TCSM


With electronic surveillance technology becoming easier to obtain each year, businesses and public figures face the constant risk of being bugged by people who mean them harm. Vasense prevents and stops bugging.

penetration testing


In order to completely ensure the security of your home or business, Vasense provides a full range of physical and electronic penetration testing services.

Corporate due diligence


When investing large sums of capital, institutional investors rely of Vasense to conduct intensive due diligence on all of the people and assets involved in a deal.

financial investigations 


After a deal goes bad, high net worth individuals and financial institutions rely on Vasense to trace assets around the world, including fine art and digital assets.

opposition research


Political campaigns and corporate bureaucracies are increasingly reliant on Vasense to provide opposition research to undermine their opponents and expose wrongdoing.

Crisis Management


When a crisis hits, people and companies turn to Vasense to enact a range of strategies aimed to minimize the damage done to their reputations.

digital forensics & Recovery


After a cyber attack, it is critical to conduct a forensic analysis of what happened, in order to mitigate damage and precent future attacks. Vasense conducts this service with total precision.